Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring tease

I love Logan.  However-  not the biggest fan of the winters and howong they can last.  The last few days- there has been beautiful days and wet cold days.  Today was a beautiful windy day.  We took advantage and headed to the park!

First time swingers-  and I think they are fans!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mobile blogging. What?!?

I just discovered blogging on my phone!  This is how happy I am!!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blogging... you would think I had more time for this.

I have had a lot going on since we found out we were having twins.  I feel like blogging is something in the past for me, however; I do feel like I need to record some of what has happened.  I am sure that I will forget many many things and many people in the telling of the last year, for that I am sorry.  I wish I had a better  memory and written specifics down.  With that said, nothing will be in order as it should.  Who would expect that? :)  I may try to add some pictures intermittently, so as to not bore you with a LONG story.

Last June, Jaromy graduated from USU with his Master's in Business Administration.   It was a great accomplishment for him and for our family.  He had started applying for jobs starting in March before graduation.  In contrast to his last job search, after BSU graduation, Jaromy was able to get quite a few interviews.  However, it seemed to always come down to his experience.  He didnt have the experience that many employers were looking for and wanted.  Needless to say, his search continued on for quite sometime.  In the meantime, we kept living as we should with prayers and prayers we would be okay.  The Lord always provided for us in some aspect or another, right at the time it was absolutely necessary.  We started going to the temple weekly, as we needed all the help, guidance and added spirit into our home.  As problems arise, im sure you all can attest that tension rises as well.  This weekly trip was something that I will always remember and cherish as a time I truly felt my Father in Heaven's love for me and my family.   At Christmas time, Jaromy was able to get a temp job for 2 weeks doing construction, then after that he was able to get a month job working with UPS as a driver helper during the busy Christmas season.  This sustained us, one again.   We were also taken care by many many people at Christmas.  This past Christmas season taught me something very important.  It taught me the goodness and love in people.   On Christmas day, we traveled up to spend time with my family in Idaho.  It was such a fun time where we were all able to get together.. (except my two brothers... whom we all missed!).  It was here I announced to my family (in our annual talent show) that I was expecting.  It was very exciting and a little scary, considering our circumstances.  

This all brings me to my last post of DOUBLE THE FUN!  When we went in for our 10 week ultrasound, we found out we were having twins.  AHHH!  it was wonderful and scary and you can read about it on the next post.  :)  This brought some more concern as we were officially living in an apartment where were couldn't live, legally, with two more kids, we needed a new car to fit everyone in..and, oh ya... a job.  

Times were hard, but great.  We became better people, I got to spend time with my husband like I know many wives dont, and my boys and their dad created an amazing bond.  As we continued to pray and search for jobs,  Jaromy continued to receive interview after interview.  Nothing.  We looked for housing. Nothing.  We looked for a car.  HA!  With what money?   Jaromy eventually got a job at UPS as a package handler working 4 hours a day from 4 am to 8 am.  It was not the best, but gave us something.  We were also lucky enough to find a van that could hold our family for not a lot of money.  Somethings were coming together.  sort of.

As I was approaching the 27th week of pregnancy, Jaromy and I went to the dr. for a usual appointment and ultrasound.  This turned out to not be a normal one, after all.  After an ultrasound, my doctor wanted me to take a test called Fetal Fibro Nectin (maybe).  This test was help ascertain if I would be going into labor in the next 2 weeks.  The Dr. sent me to the hospital after also realizing I was dilating.  At the hospital we did a stress test, got steroids for the babies' lungs, just in case they did come early, and a shot to help my contractions stop.  After 4-5 hours in the hospital, we went home, frantic and frazzled.  The Dr put me on modified bedrest.  The next week, I was put on full blown bedrest.  

It was this time that we found an apartment to move into.  It was 4 bedrooms, within the same complex and not a huge increase in pay.  We knew fully well, that we could only really pay for this apartment for 1 or 2 months, but we felt inspired to take it.  It was fun watching Jaromy move, pack, clean and everything else, while I couldn't do anything.   Once the packing was done and we were moved into the house, the fun started of getting up and unpacking just to force myself back down again.  The house got unpacked and it is mostly decorated, thanks to my amazing husband.

One week after we move in, Jaromy has a third interview with USU and gets offered a job!!!!!!!!! IT was an amazingly emotional moment for me when he told me.  It is in the technical office helping certain departments at the college with their technical issues.  No, this isn't what he wanted.  YES, we are happy for it.  Yes, he likes it. 

We feel settled and like Logan can be home for awhile.  We feel like the Lord blessed us with twins and is taking care of us, so we can take care of them.  I am still on bed rest and am now at 32 weeks.  Everyday is a struggle to take care of the boys and the twins and my body, but we are doing it.  We are grateful for the blessing we have.   So many people have helped us monetarily, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.  We love and and appreciate all who helped.  

So, in the last year, what have I learned?  I am never alone, no matter how great or disastrous my life may seem.

Wow,,, that was written awhile ago and never posted.  I feel it needed to be posted though... however, nothing much has changed.  Life is great.  Twins are great.  Carter and Chase are great!  Here are some pictures to prove it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Double the Fun!

Just a little announcement...

I am pregnant, about 12 weeks a long now, and found out last week that there is not only one baby on the way, but two!  TWINS!  CRAZY!
I am excited and overwhelmed and scared and overjoyed and everything else that comes with that.
When we went into our appt. we were prepared to hear the heartbeat (hence the reason Jaromy was with me).  The Dr. in and expected that I was a little further along than I thought, since I was a little bigger than expected.   Once the ultrasound started though, both the nurse and the Dr.  made a surprised and (not average) sound when starting such a procedure.  The nurse mentioned that our chances of having a girl shot up and then the Dr. continued to ask me if twins ran in our family, because they do now!  I couldn't believe it.  I started crying my eyes off!  (in a good, holy cow, shocking way)  Jaromy was immediately excited and started laughing (also a shocked response).  Since then, we have been having small moments of realization.  Some are: we still dont have a job, we have to move in order to fit 4 kids, we need to get a minivan now (I am not complaining!).  Gratefully, I feel the Lord is in charge and taking care of us.  I know that we  will be taken care of and everything will work out wonderful.  Until then, FAITH!  :)